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National Electrical Code Article 705 (Thanks Tesla who drop the battery pricei which makes the year of 2020 very special)








Comminication Protocol : Modbus or Modbus RTU

4.1.1 PCS MMI specification:



Electrical Data:

1.     Single Line display

2.     AC  Utility Meter informations

3.     DC system information if any.

4.     Breaker status if any.

5.     Operating temperature

6.      Humidity

7.      Harmful or hazardous gas detaction.

8.     Battery management system status

9.     Solar system status.



Overview Graphic Display shall include:

1, System working models

2. Electrical meter information

3. Equipment information of the battery container.




 4.1 Power Control System PCS Specification



The purpose of the PCS is to control the power consumption from the utility company.  Read the real time data from the power meter, compare with the Fluke measurement devices, then adjust the battery discharge current vis EMS. In according to preset value as shown on figure 2.2.1.   The priority of the PCS is (1) Provide limited power for the production lines. (2) Peak shave the extra demand current to save on utility bill.


PCS to be installed in a computer monitored room, include man-machine interface computer (MMI),  utility interface software modules, solar inverter data acquisition module, EMS control/monitoring module.


The battery management system (BMS) to be purchased from the battery manufacturer company, the function of BMS is defined in section 3.4, include a space available for EMS box which is installed by the contractor. 


The purpose of EMS is taking order from the PCS, and controlling the BMS.  Functional spec of the EMS is defined in section 3.5.



NEC Section 705 wnr Section 712 Mocrogrid or Grid connected sysems are intened to be covered.


2019 California Electrical Code Revise Article 690

Solar System Code chapter 690 started at tesr of 1984 version of NEC code, far before the solar system availalbe in commercial market 25 years.  The prediction of the solar system application was layout and releated code are available at then.